Portfolio Websites

You have the perfect work to show off. Now Let’s present it digitally!

Portfolio Websites

This is where your work and personality meets!

The need to show off your work and to differentiate yourself from others have become harder and harder to do. I am here to help with this!

What does a good online portfolio involve?

You need to keep it clean and user friendly. Your work and personality needs to be clear from the first glance. The most important thing on this website is YOUR WORK. We’re just here to enhance it.

What you need to do:

  • Gather all your work you want to display. (Less really is more here. Rather have a few amazing pieces than a bunch of mediocre ones. Only the best is good enough for your porty.)
  • Send me a CV or the personal info you want your future boss to see.
  • That is it, leave the rest to me!

It is also highly recommended to have at least one consultation with me, so that I can listen first hand to what your exact needs are. Also, after meeting you, it’s easier for me to add a little bit of ‘you’ to the project. The coffee’s on me.

Content may include:

  • written text
  • all your work you want to display
  • audio
  • social media links
  • contact details
  • videos (which may be embedded from youtube or vimeo)

How long will it take to finish?

If you have all your content together, you can expect it to be finished about 2 – 3 weeks after sending it all to us.  That’s 1 week for planning, 1 week for building and 1 week for testing and reviewing the website.


Let’s do this!  Send me a quote now!