I Have a Process

This is how I create the magic

With experience, I have come up with a foolproof process for both me and my clients to ensure a successful project. I also believe the best client is an informed one. Please read through the below process to understand what our relationship will entail.

Discovery Phase


To show who you are, I need to know who you are. This is the phase where I learn about you and your company, and understand the project from all its different angles. I will attempt to narrow down the ins and outs of your business through a face-to-face meeting. I will also ask you a few questions via a questionnaire which you can fill out in your own time.

Prototyping Phase


As the saying goes, ‘Fail to plan and you plan to fail’. Before I get cracking on a project and create anything digitally, everyone – including the client – has to agree on the aims and objectives of the project, ensuring a solid foundation to start from. This all becomes easier through sketching our ideas using wireframes, sitemaps, and prototypes. Don’t worry about the big words just yet, I’ll explain everything in this meeting I told you about.

Reviewing Clipboard


This is the part where I will need you to tell me what I did right or wrong. Be harsh. I can take it. We need to sort out all the kinks, making sure both parties are on the same (web)page before the design process kicks off.

Design Process


My favourite step. Contrary to common belief, web design doesn’t revolve around ‘a pretty website’. It is the content that will drive people to a website, whether it’s text, audio or video. Your website’s form depends on its content, and if form follows function, as it should, your website will be clear, concise and functional. In this step lies my biggest challenge, and believe me, nothing beats the feeling of a client’s rave when I’ve nailed it.

Building Websites


The masterpiece is envisioned. Now someone actually has to paint it. This is the part of the project where I disappear from society, consume copius amounts of coffee, and sit down to code the structure, styling and behaviour of your website, 24/7.



After testing your site thoroughly, we are finally set to send out the invites for your launch party. I don’t see this as the end, but as the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Designing a website is like giving birth (sorry). After completion, they still need your constant love and care to enable the experience to grow with your company.